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After 30 years as makers, our journey continues to unfold in wondrous ways. We are an independent family business that has grown over time through two generations, each driven by the same passion: an enthusiasm for natural products. We’ve been inspired to share our passion for mint and pure essential oils and to live and work wholeheartedly. We learned early on that there’s only one way to ensure that every product reflects our values and our commitment to honor all beings and the planet we share. That’s why we dream up, research, manufacture, distill, source, market and ship our products.

Mint Oils: Our Heart and Soul

After 25 years, Manoj, Alok, and their team remain inspired by nature’s pure mint oils. From day one, we’ve sourced only the finest natural, organic, and responsibly-farmed ingredients we could find. Born from a strong background in mint cultivation and oil distillation, we are a market leader in the supply of high quality Cornmint, Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils to the flavour and fragrance industry. Based on the knowledge we’ve accumulated after 25 years, here’s where Arunima stands. Our mint products are as natural as possible, while still being effective and safe for you.


We respect and prioritize the well being of people, the main resource of our industry. Maintaining the delicate balance between the needs of producers and customers is the key to ensuring the sustainability of our unique quality and expertise. We partner with farmers that are dedicated to incorporating green technology, like using less water for plant growth, utilizing solar energy. Our company implement environmental/sustainable projects in all the steps of the production chain. From responsibly sourcing materials to water and waste reduction during the production process.

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Key Values

Be a company that is committed to protect the environment and making it clean, healthy and satisfactory

Implement sustainable and fair sourcing to secure the supplies and reduce risk and volatility in the raw material supply chains.

Be a company that encourages positive impacts through their activities and believes in the case for responsible business practices and its endless benefits both for business and society.

Build a mutually beneficial partnership to see what you can gain from the knowledge and skills that your chosen partners bring to the table.

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